Pipe Flanges - Uses, Designs & More

pipe flange manufacturers play an important role in the manufacturing of these items whose main purpose or use is to provide more support and strengthen pipelines. Generally, they are connected with industry bolts are are normally welded to the pipe or screwed to it. Its other common use is to block off a pipeline. 

Types and Designs of Pipe Flanges

Flanges are typically standard in size. Manufacturers make them in the following styles, although there are also other less common styles:

* flat face

* tongue and groove

* raised face

* ring joint

All of these designs have different ways of connecting to the pipes, as they could be, for example, "threaded." In this case, it would screw onto the pipe. A slip-on flange is made with a hole that matches the exterior diameter of a pipe that can slip into it. This is only for a low-pressure and low-temperature application.

Pipe flanges are made of either steel, forged steel, carbon steel, low alloy steel or a combination of materials, which include other backing materials. More often than not, the flanges are interchangeable but are divided into classes of pressure, which are not interchangeable. In other words, any pipe flange design may be used in a project, unless it calls for a specific pressure rating. At that point, one would choose a pipe flange ideal for the pressure it must withstand, which is measured in "PSI."

The same is true for temperature ratings. Different materials can withstand different pressure and temperature. For instance, specific piping flanges would be used in a power generating station that would be under unique pressure.

Costs of Pipe Flanges

For obvious reasons, the costs of a regular pipe flange would be less expensive than one required for a high-pressure and high-temperature rated project. The more sophisticated the design and the greater tolerance, the higher the price tag.

Some are coated to protect against corrosion. When purchasing these items, they are clearly marked as to their use, such as for air supply line applications, natural gas, etc.

Another Use for Pipe Flanges

Of late, with DIY projects on the rise, and also with rustic home decor looks, comes another use for pipe flanges. For example, the increased demand for barn door designs has led to many amateurs building them at home. Many are using industrial pipes and pipe flanges to hang their barn doors. It's an incredibly beautiful design that makes pipe flange manufacturers that much more busy.

Along with all the uses for these items, it's important to note that they are available in various colours, too. Black is an interesting colour that could appeal to installations where they are meant to be visible, such as in the above example, where they are used as hardware to mount barn doors. Another example would be for uses in lofts and businesses where piping is exposed for design purposes. In such cases, depending on the style, on could choose black or even polished pipe flanges in order to complete a particular look.